About Us

Who Are We?

The Melody Choir are a well established mixed-voice choir based in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

We pride ourselves in having a social element to this choir whilst taking our passion seriously. We compete in competitions all over the Northamptonshire area, in local Eisteddfods and Music & Drama Events, and are extremely proud of our achievements.

Alongside the competitions, we perform at a variety of events including charity fund raisers and community events. As a Choir, we do also have regular social events where we meet up outside of the choir format and kick up our feet.


What Do We Do?

The Melody Choir rehearse Monday evenings between 7:15 and 9:15pm, including a coffee/tea break half way through. Rehearsing at the Masque Theatre in Barton Seagrave, we keep our rehearsals focused but fun. 

Our repertoire is extremely wide covering everything from Musicals and Show Songs, to choral classical pieces. Music is selected by our Musical Director, Choir Manager and committee however song choices and requests are regularly put forward from the choir members themselves.


Our Future

The Melody Choir are looking to improve our standard of repertoire. The larger we are, the more interesting pieces we can learn. We will always be accommodating to all levels of individuals; those that can sight sing and those who simply repeat what they hear.

New members are not required to audition but an ability to sing in tune is always a good start. Prospective members are given two sessions ‘on us’ before they have the decision to join the choir. There is an expected commitment to weekly rehearsals and as many events as possible.


- Anna, Melody Member

- Christopher, Melody Member

- Christopher, Melody Member

“I have been singing with the melody choir for nearly a year and I love it. I was a bit nervous at first but plucked up the courage to go to a try out session on my own and joined up straight away. Everyone is really friendly and supportive and it although I sometimes find the harmonies difficult at first, I love the feeling when it all comes together and we can perform something that sounds great.”

- Christopher, Melody Member

- Christopher, Melody Member

- Christopher, Melody Member

“I joined The Melody Choir a couple of months ago. I found everyone so welcoming and immediately enjoyed being part of a choir that is so supportive. I love the variety of songs we sing and it is such a good feeling and a great sound when we are all singing together.”

- Katie, Melody Member

- Christopher, Melody Member

- Helena, Melody Member

“I thought I would try something different this year and I’m so glad that I had the courage to attend a mixed voice choir. The Melody Choir is so welcoming and I didn’t think that I could sing but everyone is so encouraging it doesn’t matter that I can’t read music and I love the mixture of music that we sing together.”

- Helena, Melody Member

- Heather, Melody Member

- Helena, Melody Member

“I joined The Melody Choir to spend time with a friend doing something I have always loved to do....sing! It is good for my soul, when happy or down, and I have made many more friends along the way. We truly are a ‘mixed bunch’, singing a variety of songs, all aiming for a common goal - to sound good, and have some fun. I believe we do both!”

- George, Melody Member

- Heather, Melody Member

- Heather, Melody Member

“Singing round the house with my daughters is pretty much all the experience in singing and music that I have. When joining the choir a few years back I was apprehensive of not being able to keep up or learn as quickly as everyone else. The choir have helped me by doing extra rehearsals - when needed - over a cup of tea and cake at someone’s home. My confidence has improved ten-fold and requesting my kind of music to perform is amazing. We definitely do need more men though.”

- Heather, Melody Member

- Heather, Melody Member

- Heather, Melody Member

“I recently joined the Melody Choir and love the variety of music we sing and the very warm welcome I received. Having previously been a member of two other local choirs, I have found Melody to be the best fit for me. There is a wide age and ability range and it's not a problem if you don't read music. Our rehearsals are the highlight of my week and I am looking forward to performing soon. :-)”

- Suzy, Melody Member

- Suzy, Melody Member

- Suzy, Melody Member

”I joined Melody Choir because I love singing and wanted to join a group of fun people who cater for all abilities. I certainly found that with the Melody Choir!”

- Ann, Melody Member

- Suzy, Melody Member

- Suzy, Melody Member

”I joined Melody choir a few months ago. I was a little nervous about joining but I needn’t have been because everybody has been very friendly. It’s lovely to be part of a group of people who all enjoy what they do... singing!”

Just a snippet of our repertoire:


Adiemus - Arranged by Karl Jenkins

Africa - Arranged by Roger Emerson

Anthem - Arranged by John Purifoy

As Long as I Have Music - By Don Besig

Believe (Polar Express) - Arranged by Teena Chinn

Blue Moon - Arranged by Roger Emerson

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Arranged by Roger Emerson

Budapest - Arranged by Mac Huff

Bring Him Home - Arranged by Mark. A. Brymer

Clap Your Hands and Sing - Arranged by Mary Lynn Lightfoot 

Deep Down in My Soul - Arranged by Gitika Partington

Do-Re-Mi - Arranged by Roger Emerson

Do You Hear The People Sing - Arranged by Ed Lojeski

Feeling Good Arranged by - Alan Billingsley

He Lives In You (Lion King) - Arranged by Jay Rifkin

In The Name of Music - Arranged by Victor Johnson

Lovely Day - Arranged by Gitika Partingtington

Man In The Mirror - Arranged by Ed Lojeski

Masters in This Hall - Arranged by Jay Althouse

Pie Jesu - Arranger by Victor C. Johnson

Rhythm of Life - Arranged by Richard Barnes

Scarborough Fair - Arranged by Roger Emerson

Seasons of Love - Arranged by Mac Huff

Send In The Clowns - Arranged by Darmon Meader

September - Arranged by Mark Brymer

Sgt. Pepper's Longely Hearts Club/With A Little Help From My Friends - Arranged by Roger Emerson

Songs of Santuary, Adiemus - Arranged by Nicholas Hare

The Impossible Dream - Arranged by Mark Hayes

The Lord Bless You and Keep You - Arranged by John Rutter

Thankful - Arranged by Tom Fettke

The Rhythm of Life - Arranged by Richard Barnes

This is Me - Arranged by Mac Huff

This Is The Moment - Arranged by Teena Chinn

Wayfaring Stranger - Arranged by Greg Gilpin

Waving Through a Window - Arranged by Roger Emerson

We Are The World - Arranged by Roger Emerson

When I Fall In Love - Arranged by Kirby Shaw

When You Believe - Arranged by Audrey Snyder

Why We Sing - Arranged by Greg Gilpin

You Raise Me Up - Arranged by Roger Emerson

You'll Never Walk Alone - Arranged by Mark Hayes

You've Got a Friend - Arranged by Mac Huff


Coventry Carol - Arranged by Lily Pond

Christmas Lullaby - Arranged by John Rutter

I Saw Three Ships - Arranged by William Sandys

In The Bleak Midwinter - Arranged by Gustav Holst

Jingle the Bells - Arranged by Edward Pick

Masters In This Hall - Arranged by Jay Althouse

Oh, Holy Night - Arranged by Joseph Martin

Pie Jesu - Arranged by Victor Johnson

12 Days After Christmas - Arranged by Frederick Silver